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kwiecień 2021

Through eyes of student

Abraham Diomande, multitalented student who was singing for us on several concerts on MUL's stage. Are you curious about him?

My name is Abraham Diomande. I am an alumni of the medical university of Lublin. I graduated in 2020. I am interested in pediatrics for specialization. I am from the United States (NYC). I am currently working as a volunteer Doctor in Lublin.

Abraham's graduation

I choose MUL because I heard great things about the school (the quality of the teaching and the good level of the University) and it was an important opportunity to study in Europe and discover other cultures.

I think it was a great idea. Even the best move in my life. I am really satisfied. I left the University enriched and changed forever. The things the University taught me are priceless treasures. The University taught me discipline, diligence, and precision. Professors at the University have not just been teachers but life mentors as well.

I really like Lublin. It is one of my favorite cities in the world. I like the peacefulness of the cities, the colors of the old town. I liked in MUL the helpfulness of the faculty and staff. They really made huge efforts in providing us the help we needed.

The biggest discovery is the town of Lublin itself. It is a peaceful place full of history and good places to eat :)

During my stay here, I only missed my family, everything else I needed was easily found in Lublin (food and goods)

I am now a Medical Doctor, however, I know the importance of having a creative mind for a balanced life. I encourage students to be creative and to bring their ideas to life. I have a passion for singing and writing songs. I recently released a new single “I found you”. I would like to invite the readers to check it out on my youtube channel.

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