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grudzień 2021


I end 2021 with a quiz and a little joke:
hand picture
Have you read all of Adolek's stories? How much attention did you put?
Let's see.

How many types of animals and plants can you identify in Adolek's drawings?
To make this more interesting, in this edition there is one more drawing full of animals and plants ;-)
If you can name all of the them, and get the number right, you can get a free beer. Note, the names of all the animals in all the commentaries not only the current one.

Let's make a science project - the 5 fastest respondents who get the names of all animals, and at least 3 plants, within my drawings, will get a free beer with the amazing company of Adolek himself (date and time will be released in due time). Both popular or scientific names are allowed.
NEW DEADLINE: Email the names and numbers before 20th January to:

Did you find the barrel cactus?
How many Guillemots you found? how many eggs?
The devil is in the detail

Good luck!
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