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After our successful initial session on 11th of December 2021, FA is back with Session 2 on 12th of February (2022). 

We know for quite some time now, that while there are good individual laboratories and efforts scattered around the university, there is limited cooperation and networking within our very own walls. This is partly because we are not much aware of what is going on next door, not to mention next department, clinic or a faculty. It is imperative that the entire scientific community is made aware of the available expertise, techniques and equipment and this is how we can get inspiration and find out whom to collaborate with.   

FA is a tool to bring such information to everybody under a safe and open umbrella. Thus, FA’s goal is to promote an active scientific community that is more adapted to tackle the many difficult questions and challenges ahead. After all, communication is in the heart of our scientific activity.

The full annual calendar for FA 2022 will be announced shortly but details on next session (12/02/2022) are presented below as well as the dates for all events in 2022. Currently, sessions are online, usually on a Saturday every other month, but eventually once pandemic is under control we all have in-person meetings, or hybrid with online capabilities. 

For now, we are contacting researchers to have presentations, yet, if you are interested in presenting your work to the entire university please contact us. 

FA is held in English, the language of science, so it open doors for all our researchers, teachers, clinicians and students. 

Join us. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us. If you do not have an @umlub email address and want to be included in the mailing list please send us a message with the subject "add me to mailing list for FA".

FA organising team:

Ewelina Grywalska: ewelinagrywalska@umlub.pl

Krzysztof Józwiak: krzysztof.jozwiak@umlub.pl

Adolfo Rivero-Müller (Adolek): a.rivero@umlub.pl


Preliminary Programme for 2022

Set the dates in your calendars!

February 12
th  (12/02/2022)

10:00 Welcoming by chair – Ewelina Grywalska

10.05-10.25  Robert Błaszczyk (representing Andrzej Głowniak from the Department and Clinic of Cardiology)
Assessment of the importance of selected micro-RNAs for the occurrence of left atrial remodelling, atrial fibrillation and the effectiveness of invasive treatment of this arrhythmia.

10.25-10.45 Katarzyna Drabko (Department of Haematology, Oncology and Paediatric Transplantology)
Study of chimerism in peripheral blood cell subpopulations after haematopoietic cell transplantation.

10.45-11.05 Tadeusz Dzido (Department of Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry)
Planar/thin layer microchromatography with controlled mobile phase flow.

11.05-11.25 Krzysztof Jóźwiak (Department of Biopharmacy, Department of Chemistry)
Design, synthesis and research of biological activities of new molecules.

11.25-11.45 Magdalena Wójciak (Department of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry)
Searching for compounds of natural origin with a specific type of biological activity and methods of inducing the biosynthesis of specialized plant metabolites.

Closing the meeting 11.45-11.50.

Online via ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 931 5838 3743

Meeting Password: 744977


March 26
th (26/03/2022)

May 14th (14/05/2022)

June 11th (11/06/2022)

September 17th (17/09/2022)

October 29th (29/10/2022)

December 3rd (3/12/2022)

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