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Kwiecień 2023

The Condition of British Teeth

Well, this may be a shocking view to viewers when in a program concerned with teeth condition, in one of the top economies of Europe, the country with a Monarch and a great history of an Empire, you will confront situations which you can barely imagine: a woman gluing her teeth herself - DIY way, a man allowing his teeth to rot, anesthetising the process with lots of alcohol, people of different ages with few teeth remaining due to a complete neglect, those who admit abstaining from basic dental hygiene like tooth brushing, flossing, using dental washes, those with extensive tooth decay, pretty advanced gum disease, broken teeth - both in kids and adults. The Brits - yes, it's them!
“The Truth About Your Teeth” (BBC 2019) is a two-part series offering a fresh look at the science behind teeth and dentistry, and what we can all do to improve our oral health and there is a lot to be done!
Filmed at King’s over six months, the programmes feature patients who are undergoing treatment for missing or broken teeth, decay, gum disease, and a range of other problems – sometimes to the extreme. It includes experiments and advice on everything from how to brush your teeth properly, to whether over-the-counter whitening products actually work.

It also features spectacular aerial shots of King's College Hospital and the surrounding area of south London, which were filmed using a special camera mounted on a drone. The series is presented by Dr Chris van Tulleken from Operation Ouch! and Jasmine Harman.

And the conclusion cannot be any other: Think about your teeth, take care of them and allow some money to be spent, as their condition may be a determinant of your overall health. And the advice to Brits: Mind the gaps! Mind the hygiene! Mind the looks!
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