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Maj 2023

What kills research and innovation?

What is the biggest killer of research and innovation?

If you ever go for a safari in Africa, you will be told that the biggest killer, besides mosquitoes who kill indirectly by transmitting diseases such as malaria, is not the lion, leopard or the hyena… oh no! It is the hippopotamus! Yes, these plumpy wobbly jelly-belly and innocent looking vegans – never trust vegans! - are in fact the most deadly of all big animals in Africa.

And like hippos, what kills research and innovation is not the obvious “lack of money” or “lack of imagination”, instead is the vegans… upsis! Correction, it is… (an image says more than a 1,000 words):
W lewym dolnym rogu narysowana jest siatka na motyle łapiąca niebieskie kulki podpisane jako

Safari is a Swahili word that means “journey”. 
A safari to the unknown is what makes science fun – Adolek’s 2 cents into poetry.
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